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Last updated 6 Dec 2023
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For our Umpires

Umpire Information

Everyone knows that being an umpire is one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in sport.  We also know that without our umpires the games could not go ahead.  So read on to see if becoming an umpire might be right for you.
Grace Netball Club encourages all players to take opportunities to umpire and get experience. Being able to umpire is an important and very beneficial skill.

Why Become an Umpire?

1. It’s a great way to get involved, make friends and be an integral part of the netball community.
2. It’s a great way to keep fit.
3. Umpires provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment.  Umpiring also develops life skills - communication, resilience and leadership!
4. You will learn more about the rules of netball which will help you become better players.
5. You can earn a little extra pocket money.

How to Become an Umpire

        1. Speak with Jason Wilson our Umpire Convenor or contact the club to start your umpiring journey.
        2. Buy yourself a whistle.
        3. Undertake the necessary umpiring courses.
        4. Our Umpire Convenor and Mentors will work with you to improve your skills.

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